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The collection of ”Karakalpak folklore” saved from Soviet perversion

The Research Institute of Humanities under the Academy of Sciences of Karakalpakstan restored a lot of manuscripts. The academics had to get rid of the "corrections", which were forced upon the publishers, during the time of Soviet repression. The crossed out words were restored, using antiquated method of restoration of manuscripts, the restores worked on each word deciphering it under the magnifying glass.

A lot of concepts were distorted due to Soviet censorship. For example, the Eastern concept of "self " (space , the universe ) in the manuscripts turned into "Samal" (wind ). We have a lack of specialists for deciphering ancient manuscripts. Nevertheless, the folklore texts were preserved, and now can be read without the changes made by the soviets.

Alniyazov, the director of Karakalpak Research Institute for Human Sciences pointed our attention to the above facts, while summarizing work on the hundredth volume of "Karakalpak folklore". He also told us about other interesting facts in the development of the Karakalpak folklore.

-The collection of "Karakalpak Folklore" was published thanks to an enourmous textual research, researchers spent laborious days and nights, sitting with a magnifying glass over the yellowed pages. The researchers  sought to carefully grasp the meaning of every verse and every line. The Institute did not afford any additions or risk any assumptions to the original text. The published works are diverse in subject, and were all restored professionally.

The introduction of each volume contains information on the origin of the published text, including versions and variants of historical and religious figures from different storytellers and collectors. Definitions for over 5000 words and expressions  are provided, including, Arabic, ancient Turkic and Persian sayings, concepts and terms of a religious nature  and geographical names.

33 out of 66 dastans included in the collection "Karakalpak folklore" were published for the first time. The collection also includes other genres of folklore - myths and legends, fairy tales, lyrical songs, aitys, puzzles and signs, winged words and jokes. In total , there are over 15 genres included. These genres are a part of every day life even today, both in the villages and in the cities.

Small folklore genres as "algys” (blessings), "kargys" (spell), "yrymlar" (signs), "tyyymlar" (bans), superstitions, folk songs, historical songs, ritual songs hauzhar, betashar and others are studied academically for the first time.

We tried not to miss anything from the rich folk heritage. The total collection consists of 650 printed sheets, more than 5,000 pages, containing, in addition to dastans, about 400 fairy tales and works of other genres.

The specialist emphasized, that it is not the last volume of folklore published, 7 more volumes are being prepared for print.













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