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The art highly-prized at all times. Or, what gifts are in the trend?

How pre-holidays different from usual? I suggest stopping at one of the many answers – a real gift boom in the capital. And where are gifts, there are handmaiden. Exhibitions of applied arts and national crafts in Tashkent are held more often, the range of products and a number of buyers become more.

Handmade – is a unique direction. Traditions acquire modern sounding here. Masters adapt time-honoured technique to modern needs and obtain a unique high demand product, perfectly suited to the needs of modern life.

A correspondent of Uzbekistan Today went to one of these fairs, preceding the celebration of the 8th of March, to puzzle-out the modern directions, formerly illegal, and now official directions of applied arts.

As expected, products from adras and other national fabrics take its rightful place in traditional bazaar. However, here they were not used for sewing national traditional clothes, but for modern stylized costumes, different handbags, purses, beauticians and even special bags for carrying laptops and other gadgets.

Totally different and attractive look have notebooks covers, which are not made of leather, but from adras. Everything is stylish and attractive, in tune with the trends of modern fashion.

- Our notebooks are handmade, - master Saida Khabibullina tells.

- It is noteworthy that national motifs and fabrics we used not only in manufacturing covers, but also for interior décor. Every page is framed with traditional oriental architectural ornament. By the way, on request, a notebook may be made name - you may see name of the owner on the each page.

And here's another beauty. Traditional national headdress - skullcap in reduced form can also be a fascinating element of ladies hairstyles.


- Today there is a very big demand for various bijou made using national motifs - Dilorom Gazieva says. - We offer a wide range of pins, combs, stylized bow-ties, and other handmade accessories.

There are many examples when traditions of east and west came together and are presented with unique gizmos.

- East has always been famous with masters in ceramics and glass, and decoupage - the technique of decorating, came to us eight years ago from Europe, in combination, these directions make it possible to make amazing products - artisan Tatyana Galenko tells.

- Such a functional décor, which can give unique look to any room. We make lamps, vases, cups for storage of manicure and pedicure items.

By the way, decoupage technique is unique in that it is suitable for finishing of a wide variety of products. Its intensive development in Uzbekistan goes back about eight years ago, from master classes of foreign craftsmen. Today, about eight famous masters work in this direction in the capital and their ranks are replenished actively with youth. This movement is reflected in the range of large retail stores of office supplies - they began to deliver the necessary materials.

And here is jewelry - it has always carried a price and has not changed much in execution.


- All our products are made of semiprecious stones. Some of them, such as moonstone, amethyst, ivory I bring from abroad, but lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, agate, jade – are local stones - artisan Shahid Sultanov tells.

- Of course, not all that I have presented I made with my own hands. These polished products – are work of goldsmith, and these knitted beads and articles of fragments formed during processing of a single stone – are my work. I have high demand for all products; they do not lie too long. Before the International Women's Day there was not only many men at Hand Made fairs. Lovely ladies: mom with kids, girlfriends, students, grandmothers and granddaughters tried on everything, groaned and admired with the beauty.

The stand with the products of camel wool was popular among visitors. Although at first sight it cannot be said that these products are popular in everyday life.

- Camel wool, camel milk have always been valued among Uzbeks for its healing properties, - saleswoman Adiba Mamadalieva tells. - However, traditional products of camel wool are rough and are not really fit into the modern design. And there is a wonderful shop in Zarafshan, where modern pillows, blankets, medical belts, vests are sewn on the basis of natural cotton and camel wool as filler.

Our products have already gained their consumers not only in the domestic market, but also in Russia. Our products can help cope not only with cold, but with osteochondrosis, sciatica, and many other diseases.

We left the exhibition with a photographer with a bunch of packages and the idea that the right was the one who said that art is eternal ... Perhaps, it is so widespread demand for it in Uzbekistan now, that even the current modern trends have become more ethnic.

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