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The TV channel "Russia-Culture" showed a documentary film "Uzbekistan: Newly Found Revelations" (+video)

The Russian TV channel "Russia-Culture" showed a documentary film "Uzbekistan: Newly Found Revelations", created jointly with the National Association of Electronic Mass Media (NAEMM) of Uzbekistan and the TV channel "Karavan-TV".

The hour-long film tells how in Uzbekistan the dynamic modernity goes hand in hand with deep age-old wisdom and traditions. The keynote of the documentary film was a unique epigraphic inscription on the ancient monuments of the country, which has a rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as a narrative about the long and painstaking work of scientists of Uzbekistan to decipher these wise messages from the depths of centuries. The main idea of the film is to bring to the Russian audience the essence of the idea of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev about civilized and enlightened Islam - the religion of peace, goodness, tolerance and enlightenment.

The meaning and essence of each epigraphic inscription is relevant at the present time. Recently read inscriptions, created many centuries ago, call for mutual understanding and agreement, warn against fanaticism and hatred, they tell about the best that was in the history of Uzbekistan.

The head of the project "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan", the producer of the film Firdavs Abdukhalikov, emphasizing the urgency of deciphering these inscriptions, in particular, drew attention: "If you want to know what an enlightened Islam is, first of all you need to get acquainted with unique wise edifications, inscriptions on historical architectural monuments of Uzbekistan, abandoned by our great ancestors". The creators of the film share the details of the project "Architectural epigraphy".

People think that these are just patterns. But these are not patterns. Until now, the inscriptions have not been deciphered completely. We can say that our monuments were silent. Thanks to a team of scientists working on a series of book-albums, in which orientalists, calligraphers, historians, it was possible for the first time to decipher all the calligraphic inscriptions preserved on the architectural monuments of Uzbekistan.

For 200 years there is a special science - epigraphy, which studies inscriptions on stones. The modern methods of research, of course, facilitate the work of scientists. But still - it's a long, laborious work, as described in the film. Writing appeared on the territory of Uzbekistan in the IV century BC. The texts were carved on stones. Thanks to this, many of them have survived to this day. Scientists have to decipher the inscriptions made not only in different times and in different languages, but also with the use of different fonts. For example, in the 10th century the Arabic script, which was called "blossoming Kufi", has been popular. Each of its letters is decorated with a vignette: from one tiny point, one phrase depends on one curl.

"These inscriptions are of very different content, they carry very important historical data. This data is not available in any written source. And they are very important, because they contain information about different aspects of life, not only, say, any saint or sheikh, but also about the common people. They contain many terms that we do not find in written sources," says Academician Edward Rtveladze in the film.

The audience can also learn about the unique project "Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan", which has no analogues in the world. The idea of the project is to bring together the masterpieces and artifacts of the Uzbek cultural heritage, which were scattered all over the world by the will of fate. This is another project of cooperation between NAEMM and Russian television companies, as a result of which such well-known documentary films as "Uzbekistan is the Pearl of the Sands", "Through the Sands of Time" and others have been created.

Shooting the documentary film "Uzbekistan: Newly Found Revelations" was held in Khiva, Samarkand, Bukhara and other cities on architectural monuments, the walls of which are decorated with masterpieces of calligraphy. The picture uses unique film and photo documents, archival footage, materials from personal archives and museum artifacts. The film features interviews with prominent architects, scientists, and residents of various regions of Uzbekistan. Orientalists, historians, calligraphers, representatives of the clergy share their opinions.
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