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The Theater of the Young Spectator Welcomes… Adult Spectators

The State Theater of the Young Spectator has opened its 88th season. However, this year the theater welcomes not only the very young spectators, but grownups as well.
In the opening day the young spectators were met with the national games, competitions and performances of the theater actors. The visitors could also enjoy the photo exhibition ‘Flourish, Native Uzbekistan’ organized in the theater hall. Then, everyone’s favorite play ‘Shumbola’ ( Mischief-maker) based on the story of Ghafur Ghulom was presented.
In the evening the theater premiered a concert for the grownups. This new format was presented for the first time. If earlier the theater repertoire was designed for the younger generation, then this year, thanks to this innovation, it turned possible to attract adult viewers. The evening program included modern dances, songs, reciting poems, and theater staging.

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