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The new park will become a focal point before the construction is completed

The square at the main entrance to the Bobur Park under construction, which occupies the territory of strictly a zoo, will be festive festivities on the occasion of Navruz. However, the completion of the park and its opening is scheduled for June 2017.

The park is located in the center of the capital, in a densely populated area, therefore, despite the construction work of tourists here in the days of the celebration of Nowruz, a lot is expected.

However, there is every reason to assume that with the completion of construction in this park will always be crowded, since it will be unique and first of its kind.

Judging by the sketches placed on the fence, the park will be a place for walking, recreation and sports for the residents of the capital. In addition to walking paths and lots of benches, cross-country and bicycle paths, a football field and outdoor simulators are planned here.

The islet in the center of the pond will be transformed into a place for wedding events and photo sessions, and a small pier will be built on the shore of the pond. Also in the park will be a café, with a total capacity of 150 seats with a terrace. Also, a service center will be established to provide the necessary assistance.

The city administration assures that the green plantations will be affected minimally, and the favorite place of the inhabitants of Tashkent, where you can spend your leisure time enjoying nature, will remain the same green corner of our city.

At the same time on March 21, in the square located at the main entrance of the park, there will be a celebration of Navruz, which everyone can visit.
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