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The museums of the country create a unique electronic catalog of their funds

The SKM-museum computer database will contain all information from the State Catalog of the National Museum Fund of Uzbekistan. Currently, museums actively continue to introduce the necessary information into it.

The work is carried out under the aegis of the Certification and Computerization Center under the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan.

When creating a program called SKM-museum, which is a single electronic base of the National Museum Fund, the programs for automated systems introduced in a number of developed countries were studied in detail. Attention was paid to including in this program information about objects stored in all museums in Uzbekistan, data on the museum fund and collections. The program helps to simplify not only the accounting of museum exhibits, but also the use of heritage in the formation of new exhibitions, expositions, making scientific research.

The SKM-museum database includes information about all the exhibits stored in museums. Information about each exhibit contains a photograph of the exhibit, a scientific description and other important information.
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