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Tashkent to Make a Wide Presentation of the Contemporary Art of Eastern Countries for the First Time

Any Biennale is interesting. The 8th Tashkent Biennale, that will take place in 2016, is attractive by a number of organizational issues. Some details have been revealed by the management of the forthcoming exhibition.

Curator of the 8th Tashkent Biennale, Nigora Akhmedova, dwelled upon the matter.

As we know, there is currently a restructuring of the Biennale. Tell us more about it

“Indeed it is. Academy of Arts decided to merge the Biennale of Modern Art and one Photo Biennale into one Mega Exhibition. This will give the scale of the event and will provide an opportunity to merge efforts in terms of organization and at the same time reduce costs.

Worldwide Biennale of Contemporary Art aimed at showing new forms and types of Contemporary Art - a manifestation of a variety of multimedia search, installation, performance, video art and many others. In Uzbekistan, these areas also have been developed.”

 Should we expect innovations in the exhibition?

“Yes, of course. This time we decided to show more thoroughly contemporary art of the East, which offers a very interesting look at the problem. It's like some kind of alternative to Western art. Tashkent, if we remember our history, and the dialogue between East and West, has always occupied an important place in this process. In 2016, we intend to widely present ‘eastern axis’ of contemporary art, keeping the identity for a long time, got rid of cargo of Eastern stereotypes, traditionalism, and is very innovative.

At the same time we are negotiating with artists, gallery owners and foreign curators worldwide. There are the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Also, negotiations are going on with respect to certain foreign projects, which we have kept in secret for a while.  They will be a pleasant surprise for visitors in 2016.

Work with artists-compatriots is conducted. I think that next year's Biennale will reveal new names.”

 Is Biennale not only an art but also modern management? Are there any news in this regard?

“In terms of funding, Uzbekistan is one of the most generous countries. Worldwide, Biennales are held by specially established foundations and business organizations. In Uzbekistan, organizer is the Academy of Arts. It should be emphasized that Tashkent is the leader of Biennalle’s organization. Moscow’s Biennale is also well-known. It was carried out only six times. Our will be already the eighth.

At the same time, a partner and co-organizer is the Tashkent city administration, which provides participants with all the conditions for accommodation - hotel and meals. For the world practice, it is nonsense, since these exhibitions are associated with the development of business: becoming a sponsor of this event, companies get a chance to become known not only in their country but also abroad.”

In addition, many of the worlds Biennale became a meeting place for the business elite. Today the art receives more investments. Especially, many investments go to contemporary art. In our country this practice is gaining momentum. Sponsorship of Biennale is a great prestige for any company. At the moment, we are also engaged in the development of ‘sponsorship packages’, a common practice in the world, when a sponsor receives favorable services for financial participation in the project. For example, they can be placement of its logos on printed materials of Biennale, which subsequently will be published throughout the world.

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