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Tashkent Hosted the First Folk Dance Festival

The capital has hosted the first Festival of Folk Dances ‘Raqs Sehri’ (The Magic of Dance). The distinguishing feature is that amateur dancers participate in the contest along with professionals. Thus, in the category ‘For popularization of national traditions’ the prize went to the ballet dancer at the Muqimiy Uzbek State Music Theater Sanobar Abdukhamidova, while the best team in performing national dance became the representatives of the Korean Cultural Center, the ensemble ‘Sam Diyon.’ Many of the winners are the students at the Tashkent State High School of National Dance and Choreography.

About 200 young talents in the age range 15 to 25 participated in the qualifying. The jurists estimated not only performing but acting skills also, and preservation of the national traditions.

Awarding ceremony was held within the gala concert in the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.  

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