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Tashkent Celebrates Kid Inventors’ Day

Today the Tashkent Polytechnic Museum is hosting the action on the occasion of the World Kid Inventors’ Day. This event is the opportunity to demonstrate the abilities and skills. For many young people it is a great launch pad for big science, they are waiting for the country’s leading universities.

Symbolically, January 17 is the date of birth of one of the greatest statesman of the USA, diplomat, scientist, inventor, and journalist Benjamin Franklin. It is remarkable that his first invention - a pair of flippers for swimming, which is worn on the hand - Benjamin Franklin invented in his 11, in 1717. So we can say that his first invention marks its 300 years this year.

Thanks to unconventional view of the world and way of thinking of young geniuses the humanity has got thousands of things, without which it is impossible to imagine the today life. Numerous demonstrations of new inventions, contests, awards are being held in the Kid Inventors’ Day. Inventing is the natural state of all children. It is difficult to imagine, but many children’s inventions completely changed our world and accelerated the progress of mankind.

Every year more than 500 thousand young people are inventing various gadgets and games, create and modify the robots and technology. All children’ inventions, of course, make our lives easier and more interesting. And today is the day to enjoy the ingenuity of young geniuses, evaluate the significance of their inventions.

The Kid Inventors’ Day that is celebrated today in the Tashkent Polytechnic Museum is not just a holiday. This event is aimed at encouraging young people to technical creativity, as well as drawing attention to the talented children so that their work would be further developed. It is very important to support in the young people a wish to become inventors, engineers, innovators. After all, when young inventors understand that they have a future and that the government is interested in their inventive activity - it becomes an excellent stimulus for them for further development.
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