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State Choir Chapel to Enrich Its Repertoire

Last year, the artistic group was almost completely updated. Today, the team has to restore full repertoire and enrich it with new projects.

Art direction is entrusted to young specialist Anna Turkina. She told Uzbekistan Today about repertoire.

“The first concert we gave in January. We performed Polovtsian Dances with the Symphony Orchestra of our association. However, the team was able to sing together and to achieve acceptable sound quality just a few months ago. We try to be diverse. Live performance without musical accompaniment is still in demand. We plan to perform "Requiem" by Mozart in November. This is a very complex and at the same time incredibly beautiful-sounding work. We are preparing to perform some classic songs with an orchestra of national musical instruments of our association. We should get a very interesting sound. Typically, these works are performed when there are violin, cello and other European musical instruments in the orchestra. In this case, that will be the national color of sound.

We do not forget about the repertoire of the previous art group. Now we have to save the concert program and not be limited by performances in the halls of the State Conservatory and our palace of music. We have already been invited to participate in the events on the Day of Memory and Honor. However, we want to conduct traditional concerts at the Tashkent Catholic Church as we did before.”

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