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Spring comes with «Enchantress»

On March 6, 2017, talented artist Sanjar Djabbarov introduces his new bright collection of paintings "Enchantress", dedicated to Her, at the Autograph Art Gallery.

The artist continues his courageous experiments with shapes and images. Inspired by the novel "Enchantress of Florence" by a British writer of Iranian origin – Salman Rushdie, Sanjar sought to convey the versatility and the enchanting magic of women in each picture.

It is not an accident that the opening of the exhibition was scheduled exactly at the beginning of March, on the eve of International Women's Day, as a dedication to the beautiful women of all Uzbekistan. In contrast to previous works by the artist, this collection is notable for its bright and saturated colors. The entire collection is made with oil on canvas and acrylic. Bright colors convey warmth, sincerity and inner world of a versatile woman. All paintings are created in the style of magic realism, where the appearance of women changed so that they reflect their inner essence. They seem to be pushing us to see the magic in everyday real life.

Just like the novel, all the paintings in this series are drawn elegantly; they open a magical world of dreams and reality, where truth and fiction intertwine. The artist is interested in the soul and mind of women, just as if in search of answers to eternal questions. Needlewoman who creates another masterpiece with her magic hands, a graceful dancer, and the "lady in the hat" with a flower, who seems to be thinking of something distant… Diverse women can be seen on the canvases. And here are two friends who might be "topping" someone's fate. Or maybe they are not friends at all – it depends on the viewer's imagination. One fact is clear: everyone will see his woman in one of the paintings, and women might find their own reflection somewhere on the art works. After all, every woman is enchantress in life.

Expanding the boundaries of reality, the women in the pictures create a new story, hold someone's "the whole world", and tell part of their secrets. The paintings are presented only through the outlines of faces, reviving the techniques used in the creation of oriental miniatures. Thus, you can feel the subtle intertwining of the East and the West in the pictures.

The new collection of paintings "Enchantress" transfers the connection to time, people and countries, as a new step in Sanjar Djabbarov’s career.

Representatives of diplomatic missions, international organizations, the business community, media, artistic community and friends of Sanjar were the guests of opening ceremony. The exhibition is organized by Publishing Company Dinara&Co., whose aim is to reveal creativity and represent the country in the best art.

Recall that the "Enchantress" is the fourth solo exhibition of talented Sanjar Djabbarov. His previous collection "Stranger" and "Shadow and Light" (2013) were presented in Tashkent, and «Wonder of Central Asia» (2014) in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. His paintings has had a great success on different exhibitions and art markets of Europe and the Arab world. Sanjar has participated in many exhibitions and has been award winner at a number of local and international projects.

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