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Several Generations of Zakirovs’ family to Record Songs on One CD

A new disc "Zakirovs’ Family sings", prepared by the Foundation of Batyr Zakirov and Media Mania company, has been released. It can already be purchased in retail stores.

There are no new songs in the album. We have listened to all of them. Even the name of the album “Zakirovs’ Family sings” is not new. It is taken from the eponymous movie filmed several decades ago.

The novelty of the product is that the CD contains voices of the lovely singers from the one dynasty, whose creativity played an important role in development of music art in Uzbekistan.

“I got an idea to produce such album a long time ago, but I’ve always put it apart. A base of such reason was, perhaps, excessive self-criticism. I have been waited for a record worth to be included in this collection. Together with Farrukh, we stood at the origins of mega popular "Yalla" band. Then I have played for a long time as amateur and have imitated The Beatles. And here, at last, I found a use for my voice. I have already recorded eight arias and a few songs in Italian. I will release a disc soon. Three compositions were included in the anthology of our family. There are two operas and one song from the repertoire of Andrea Bocelli,” - the author of the project and the director of Batyr Zakirov Fund, Ravshan Zakirov, says.

Zakirovs’ family (father, four sons, daughter, and granddaughter) made a worthy contribution to the development of Uzbek musical art.  The first tracks in the album are recordings of the founder of the dynasty - People's Artist Karim Zakirov. He was at the forefront of Uzbek opera and created about 40 major roles in opera performances.

The album includes one aria from "Maysara’s Tricks" opera and a folk song. In the near future the Fund promises to release a special album dedicated to the work of Karim Zakirov, where all his varied work will be showed.

The disc contains three hits performed by legendary Batyr Zakirov – "Arab Tango", "Rano", and "Fugitive Khabiba".

Batyr sang a lot with his sister Luiza. They have professionally performed popular at that time Indian songs and one of them is represented on this CD. Solo work of Luiza Zakirova is presented only by one song in Arabic.

“Unfortunately, a listener will not hear a voice of Naufal; he had a wonderful intonation, very similar to Muslim Magomayev. I managed to find his recordings of 60’s in the funds of the state radio. However, they are of very poor quality, and we decided to abandon them,” – Ravshan Zakirov said.

The work of one of the founders of orchestral vocal and instrumental music in Uzbekistan is presented.

“If everything was clear about me, it was difficult to determine with Farrukh. I just called him and asked to name three songs to be included in this disk. He named them,” – Ravshan Zakirov told.

Most of the disc space has been allocated to the youngest representative of the dynasty of Zakirovs – shocking Nargiz Zakirova. Her work is represented with six songs, including "Bride from Vuadil" song that made her famous and two new songs written by Maxim Fadeev: "You are my tenderness" and "I am not your war".




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