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Seeing the Beautiful in Simple

Tashkent is hosting a personal exhibition ‘Nostalgia’ by Dutch artist Ronald Klyayer, which for several decades living in Uzbekistan. Here he found not only friends, but also family and home.

Ronald Klyayer graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, the department of drawing and painting. In search of inspiration he traveled almost the whole of Central Asia for several years, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Western China. For the artist fell in love with our country Tashkent became a home. He participated in several exhibitions in Tashkent. In 1999, he presented a solo exhibition dedicated to the Aral Sea.

The current exhibition includes a dozen works, including the most recent, written last year, and early ones dating back to the beginning of the 21st century.

“Until 2000, I wrote figurative, almost abstract pictures. Arriving in Uzbekistan, I saw a lot of inspirational images and places. I was struck by the abundance of light. It was barely possible not to paint all this beauty in a realistic manner. I took lessons from one of the leading masters of the brush in Uzbekistan, Javlon Umarbekov,” says the author of the exhibition Ronald Klyayer. “As much as it may sound banal, but the themes choose me themselves. Light and shadow are important for me as well. And if they are lined up correctly, it does not matter what I draw - donkey, home or the elderly people. Walking around the city, traveling the region, I take the pictures of places and images I liked. Later, these pictures become a starting point for the idea of a new work. I always change something in the composition, color of photo, transferring it to the canvas. Speaking honestly, I try to create an ideal world in my pictures. It is kind of a dream of reality. People can perceive it differently, but I want to see the world that way.”

Of particular interest is a series of works with facades of conventional two-storey houses. Familiar cityscapes surrounding each, but always remaining unnoticed appear in a new light in the artist’s paintings. The author refers to the simplest themes, revealing for the audience familiar objects, events, and images from a new angle.

“There are many examples in the world when the artist comes to the new country, discovers new themes and feelings. But Ronald Klyayer moves away from ethnographic perception of Uzbekistan. He is not just admiring the architecture, admiring the taste of palov, he sees what we do not always notice. The artist focuses the audience’s attention on what is often neglected. No global themes exist in his works. His stories are ‘quiet’ and unpretentious, which is typical for the Dutch. A synthesis of East and West is presented in the author’s works. Despite the fact that Ronald is the European artist to his mentality, traditions and culture, in which he brought up, he was able to fall in love with Uzbekistan and its people. And it is his main difference,” says the art critic Elmira Ahmedova.

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