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Savitsky Museum. What is changing?

How World Museum Day will be celebrated at the State Art Museum of Karakalpakstan named after Savitsky this year? Makset Karlibayev told the correspondent of Uzbekistan Today about it and the prospects of development of the museum in his first interview after his appointment as director of this institution.

More than two months have passed after your transfer from the post of director of Karakalpak Human Sciences Research Institute to the position of the Director of the State Art Museum of Karakalpakstan. How has the transfer passed?

"The experience gained over the years at the Institute helped me to get hand in the new position quickly. I can not say that there were specific difficulties. After all, the whole activity of the Institute is focused on study of the cultural heritage, organization of cultural events. Our work is well-known for the publication of the 100-volume book of Karakalpak folklore, excavations of archaeological sites and restoration of the palace of Khorezm rulers’ wall paintings. Science is also important for the Museum. But the focus of the employees the other cultural layer - restoration and study of paintings. By the way, we are now planning an exhibition of the archeological achievements in Karakalpakstan. The exhibition will include not only artifacts from the museum, but the trophies of archaeologists of the Human Sciences Research Institute, the Karakalpak State University and Nukus State Pedagogical Institute. Come, it will be interesting."

Which of the upcoming events in the life of the museum will be the most important in your opinion?

"Opening of two new buildings. In one there will be depository and restoration workshops, as it is already known, in the other - exhibition halls. Builders have completed their part of work; installation of museum equipment is in progress now. We will receive many things the first in Uzbekistan."

Work on the display is completed; it is left to place the exhibits in the exhibition hall. It will be done as soon as the equipment installation will be completed.

I got acquainted with colleagues closer. It is very hard-working team of professionals here. We recruit youth in connection with the commissioning of two buildings. Experienced professionals who have worked at the museum for many years prepare them for the responsible work.

We are going to celebrate the 50 anniversary of the museum foundation. Now we work on the program."

A museum of local history is being built not far from the museum. Are you ready for the upcoming competition?

"Each of the museums has its own the highlight. Our is the collection based on works of Russian avant-garde, works of Karakalpak and Uzbek artists. Our colleagues have a different direction - applied art.

I don’t see a reason for competition. Our Nukus will benefit, which will be more attractive for foreign tourists. We will show our guests not one, but two unique museums."

In recent time, Museums are often accused in the Internet of passivity, lack of modern management. In this regard, Karakalpakstan State Art Museum has always been a leader in implementing innovative solutions. Will this line be continued?

"I think we will maintain this image and continue its development. It is important for enhancing the level of service to the level of the world leading museums. We will continue our tradition of field exhibitions "museum on wheels". The photo exhibition "Magnanimous Uzbekistan" organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan has just recently completed. We had opened it in our museum, and then took to Ellikkala. There it was visited by more than three thousand local residents.

We will develop cooperation with the leading museums of the country and abroad, conduct joint mutual-enriching activities. We will pay a particular attention to the exchange of experience with the world leading museums; we will organize workshops for employees, especially for young people.

We will celebrate the World Museum Day in two weeks. The tradition to celebrate this day in Uzbekistan was laid by the museum staff. On this day we will not only work longer than usual, but please visitors with various competitions, festivals, meetings, concerts of pop stars and dance performances, displays of interesting documentaries.

In future, there will be a lot of different activities in addition to the planned exhibitions. I can not tell about all the ideas at once.

The pride of ours museum is the restoration service. In the near future we plan to introduce advanced technology of the collection maintenance.

A unique library with a large hall for lectures and presentations will work upon the opening of the new buildings. We plan to introduce lecture hours for visitors who wish to learn more about our museum, cultural heritage preserved in its walls. The new building will have a specially designed and equipped space with a café and an equipped souvenir shop where you can buy crafts samples of our staff and skilled workers."

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