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Robots in PSY style for Tashkent audience

Five robots will perform a dance to the famous song of South Korean artist PSY, Gangnam Style on February 24, 2016 at the Tashkent Polytechnical Museum.

The event is part of a celebration of the birthday of Jacques de Vaucanson, the inventor of the world's first android - humanoid robot .

Fair to say that robots dance can be seen at the museum any day, as it is a part of the museum exhibit. The robots were acquired in South Korea, to demonstrate the capabilities of modern robotics. 

However, those who want to learn more about modern robotics are advised to come on April 24. Uzbekistan Today correspondent interviewed the spokesman for the museum, Tamara Yakubova. She revealed more details about the "Day of the first android - humanoid robot ".

- Date of the event was not chosen randomly. February 24 is a day of birth of Jacques de Vaucanson. This French engineer is interesting, because he created a variety of mechanical toys. Among his most complex mechanisms are a copper duck which fluttered and beat its wings and pecked seeds and a fluteman – human sized figure, who could play the flute.

The story is accompanied by a theatrical show "The War of the Worlds" with the participation of actors and children's dance groups. 

And, of course,there will be the demonstration of modern robotics capabilities. In addition to the five dancing robots, visitors can get acquainted with the 12 models created by students of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent. Among the exhibits - a robot hand that writes numbers with a marker, a robot-bull, which follows red colour and a robot, that collects a Rubik's Cube.

Serious machines that can replace people in manufacturing, including sorting conveyor, crane and more, will be also displayed at the event. We will organize master classes devoted to robotics during this day.





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