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”Uzbekkino” forbidden to show five films this year

Since the beginning of the year "Uzbekkino" National Agency has prohibited exhibition of five films produced by private studios due to non-compliance with the license agreement, the Head of Licensing Department of the Agency, Rustam Sharipov, reported to Uzbekistan Today.

According to him, private studios presented 11 audiovisual works this year, five of which are not recommended to exhibition due to non-compliance with the license agreement.

"I won’t say the names of the films, but I can say that all five have very simple scenarios. Directing and camera work are no good as well. When we asked the directors of these films what they want to say, the question remained unanswered, "- Sharipov said. - Frankly, there is no art in these films. What we did was the impetus for all directors." He also added that in addition to the poor quality of the films, three of them violated several laws.

Shooting such films as "Oykiz ertagi" (dir. A. Bekturdiev), "Sunggi pushaymon" (dir. N. Zhumaev), "Tolikkan kungillar oyga talpinar" (dir. C. Nazarmukhamedov), "Masuma" (dir. Y. Tuychiev), "Zurriyot" (dir. A. Mignarov), etc. continues in accordance with the plan. Work is underway on "At-Termiziy," "Shakhrisabz - navkiron, betakror", and "Adabiyot sarmanzillari" documentaries.

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