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”Megabytes New Year Tale” : To go or not to go ?

The theatres of the city are staging New Year Shows. State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Alisher Navoi surprised everyone with their original play “Megabyte New Year Tale”.

They decided to use a new unconventional approach, this time the play is not based on traditional fairy tales. The result of their experiement is the play under the title: “Megabyte New Year Tale”.

Fantastic adventures in the realms of computer technologies and networks have already become one of the most popular themes in modern Uzbek children's literature and entertainment products designed for this category of young viewers . Authors want to reach out to the younger generation.

So it is easy to assume that the story has long been exhausted.  However,  despite this, Georgy Dmitriyev , director of the “Megabytes New Year Tale” managed to do something original and fresh . The tale stands out among all of the other theatrical groups, who are performing the usual Adventures of Snow White, forest tales and other unchallenging and conventional stories.

Prominent artists of the modern show business are invoved in the production of the show.  Among them, the composer Marat Maksudi, who composed music for Sevara Nazarkhan and other popular singers. The play was written by the famous leader of the band "Wings of origami" Ashot Danielyan. Adults who come to the show with their children are delighted to see their favorite actors on the stage, among them Cyril Borchaninov, Saeed Mamadalieva, Janika Bagryanskaya Ruslan Gafarov, who were involved in the New Year’s extravaganza.

We were among the first to see the fairy tale and we must assure you, that it was a good musical story. A touching story about a girl Julia, who is to decide the fate of the New Year, a computer virus, a mysterious country «Game Over», the dark ruler Eye Doctor, whose goal is a global computerization of childhood, many other fantastic heroes, and eternal savior of all that is good, and most importantly - the New Year, Kor Bobo. We are all children deep inside and this heartwarming play will not leave anyone inddiferent.





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