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”Baron” victim of pirating

The film about the fight of secret services against drugs is gaining popularity. Pirates are already producing un-licensed copies for sale.

"Baron" was anticipated by many, long before the premiere. The film drew public attention because of the active involvement of leading Russian and Hollywood actors and filming not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Russia and Turkey.

Just recently it premiered in Tashkent.

Almost simultaneously with the release of the movie, pirated copies appeared on the market. This fact could not escape the attention of filmmakers. According to the authors of the film, the pirates will face consequences for violating the law.

"Uzbekkino" told us, that they filed an appeal against violators for illegal distribution of intellectual property. The Agency for Intellectual Property and the State Tax Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs implemented a set of measures for the prevention of distribution of illegal copies of the film.The perpetraiors will be brought to justice.

National Agency "Uzbekkino" reminds us that the film was produced in 2015 for a state commission, and calls to all to observe the copyrights, and distribute the film within the framework of the current legislation.








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