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Premiere: "The Light from the East (Avicenna)"

In the Palace of Cinema named after Alisher Navoi in Tashkent the premiere of the documentary film "The Light from the East (Avicenna)" took place, dedicated to the life of the great thinker and healer Abu Ali Ibn Sino.

Director General of the National Agency "Uzbekkino" Furkat Zokirov and others noted that the priority tasks of modernization and renovation of our country, along with all spheres, also require improvement of cinematographic activity, creation of new conditions for the development of the sphere. The resolution of the head of our state Shavkat Mirziyoyev "On measures for the further development of national cinematography" of August 7 this year is of great importance in the rise to a new level of work being implemented in this direction.

Within the framework of the fulfillment of the assigned tasks, the National Agency "Uzbekkino" planned the creation of films on historical, modern and military-patriotic themes. According to this, historical films about such great ancestors as Imam Bukhari, Imam Termizi, Bahavuddin Naqshband, Burkhoniddin Marginoni, Abu Muyin Nasafi, Amir Temur, Jaloliddin Manguberdi, Alisher Navoi, Mirzo Ulugbek, Babur will be created.

Filmed by director Shuhrat Makhmudov, the film "The Light from the East (Avicenna)" is one of the first steps in this direction. This film is devoted to the life and work of a prominent representative of medical science Abu Ali Ibn Sino.

The basis of the film is the familiarity of the world-famous scientist-encyclopedist Ibn Sino with the great thinker Abu Rayhan Beruni. Filming was conducted in our country, in Iran, in France and in Russia. The role of Ibn Sino played the young talented actors Hasan and Husan Salikhov.
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