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Poltergeist in Tashkent. Believe It Is Not a Game

The first horror performance titled ‘Poltergeist’ with elements of quest has been opened in Tashkent, which has already won its first fans.

Horror Quest performance is the interactive game, the main heroes of which are the players themselves, and professional artists.

The main feature is that from the first minute to the last the players feel as if everything real, and it is easy to believe that this is not a game.

What with the Poltergeist quest in Tashkent? It is a huge 250 sq/m playing area, 80 minutes of plunging into the atmosphere from the very beginning, the fear, the tactual sense. It is also a perfect play of actors.

Quest gives visitors the opportunity to experience various emotions, especially adrenalin rush and advise others to play it!
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