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Miraziz A’zam Compiles the Best Works of Children’s Literature in 10 Volumes

The Ghafur Ghulom Publishing House has come out a series of books ‘Children’s World Literature’, which compiled the best works of the children’s writers from around the globe translated into Uzbek.

The series was prepared by Miraziz A’zam, who for over 50 years taught the world literature. For drawing the interest of young people in the creativity and culture of various peoples, he translated the products of them into Uzbek for independent reading. Now these translations were put together in ten volume series named ‘Children’s World Literature.’

The collection includes the works of well-known writers and poets, such as Agniya barto, Kornei Chukovsky, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Stevenson, Alan Milne, Nazim Hikmet, Gianni Rodari, and many others.

The works are collected in the books by countries with close folklore and general theme: Turkey and Iran, Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic, the USA and Chile, and a separate book with the creativity of UK writers. The author of the volumes selected five or six poems, several more stories, essays and fairytales from each of the nation so that through their literature demonstrate in full the life, customs, traditions and values of the people of various nationalities. 
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