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In support of the development of culture and art, a special fund is being established

An Extra-budgetary Fund for the Development of Culture and Art is being established under the Ministry of Culture.

The documents regulating its activity are approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan dated March 15, 2017 No. 141, reported the information and legal portal 

The Fund will be formed from several sources. The accounts of the Fund will be formed by deductions of 70% of the revenues from the state duty levied for issuing licenses for the right to perform concert-entertainment activities. Deductions of 20% of the financial resources coming to the development funds of budgetary organizations of the Ministry of Culture in the field of its activity will go to the "piggy bank". Another source of the formation of the Fund will be deductions from the profits of the state enterprises of the ministry's system. Among other revenue items of the Fund's budget are revenues received from the placement of its temporarily idle funds; charity donations, grants of legal entities and individuals, international organizations; and other sources not prohibited by law.

The main expense of the Fund will be the maintenance of the state institution "Uzbekconcert". Another part of the funds will be spent on strengthening the material and technical base of other cultural institutions and on material incentives and social protection of the workers of these institutions.
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