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Ilkhom: Immediately after the visit of ARTiShOK, we're going to Kazakhstan

The tour of Kazakh theater to Uzbekistan will be followed by tours of Ilkhom to Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan Today correspondent talks with the assistant artistic director of the literary department of Ilkhom, Anastasia Pryadkin. 

The official website of Ilkhom provides information about the upcoming  ARTiShOK  visit: "In the jubilee 40th season, Theatre of Mark Weil Ilkhom, invites good friends from Almaty - independent theater ARTiShOK, which is also celebrating its 15th anniversary! "

Tell us more about your relationship with ARTiShOK?

-We have a lot in common, our relationship is based on collaboration. Many directors  from ARTiShOK and, in particular, one of the founders of the theater, Galina Pyanova, studied in our Ilkhom. Our Kazakh collegues are visiting us for the second time, the first visit took place in 2005. 

Will  there be a reciprocal gesture from our side, I mean, if our theater is going on tour to Kazakhstan ?

Yes, such tours are planned, and they will take place almost immediately after the completion of the Kazakh theater tour in Tashkent. We will go with the play by Maxim Fadeyev Adventure With , based on the Diary of a Madman by Nikolai Gogol. It is a fresh performance, performed only four times. The premiere took place in October last year. This is the first work by director Maxim Fadeev in Ilkhom.

Why did you choose this play?

 - For a purely financial reason. We have a lot more to show, but almost all the performances have a large number of actors involved, and this play involves only three actors. Kazakh colleagues are also brining performances which involve a small number of actors. Pushkin Stand up involves only one actress,   Accompanist – three.

On the other hand, we also want to surprise the Kazakh audience, it is no accident that the director calls the play a laboratory. In order to create the necessary atmosphere, the hall is filled half way and the audience is seated in a way which allows space for solitude. This is an unusual spectacle. While he was preparing for three years, the play diverged from its original literary sourse, what is left is a kind of modern interpretation of the classic.

What to expect from the upcoming tour? 

- It is a chance to exchange experience. We are not talking about a master class in the usual sense, but any meeting, any dialogue is a good exchange. I think the audience will be interested. Not many have seen the Kazakh theater, and not many Kazakhs seen our plays.


Are there other international projects this season? 

-Yes. In March, Theatre of Mark Weil Ilkhom, will begin work on a joint project with a visiting director from Novosibirsk - Anna Zinoviev. Letter to my father by Franz Kafka and his famous novel The Trial will be the basis of the compilation for the future performance. The novel The Trial is absolutely unique, it secured Kafka’s place in the post-modern culture of world theater and cinema of the second half of XX century. It is interesting that Kafka did not leave any clues to somehow recreate the plot of the novel. The chapters were not numbered and were kept in separate envelopes. The Trial excited the minds of literary critics and filmmakers for a long time. The work, written in a unique literary style of modernism, combination of "magical realism" and existentialism, analyzes the classical problem of modern society - the confrontation between man and system.

By the way, Anna Zinoviev directed some performances for ARTiShOK as well, Accompanist is her work.






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