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Ideas Worth Spreading

Promising young people who are ready for free to create and spread the unique ideas in the field of technology, art and culture is the wealth of the nation. TEDx conference held in Tashkent for the first time turned a true confirmation of this.

TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is the conference, where talented representatives of different professions share their ideas and discoveries. The first such conference held in 1984 in Monterrey, California, the USA, brought together the representatives of the three areas: technology, entertainment and design. Today, participants of TED and TEDx (x indicates that the event is organized on a voluntary basis) discuss in 110 languages a variety of issues - from the environment to arts. However, according to the rules of the conference, political, commercial and religious topics are banned to discuss.

The question arises: why is it TEDx Mustaqillik Square?!
First of all, because the first conference TEDx Mustaqillik Square is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence of our republic, as well as the Year of Dialogue with People and Human Interests. And, its symbol was the Independence Square.

“The capability to create a platform where people of Uzbekistan would represent their original and bright ideas inspired me,” shared the conference curator Jahongir Azimov. “I have long studied the rules and procedures for the TEDx, and 1.5 years later, we enabled to organize this conference. TEDx Mustaqillik Square is the volunteer project, but it demanded a huge effort.”

As the fifth-course student at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, Jahongir began to work on the project. The team was joined by true followers with similar outlook, driven by a common goal and, most importantly, working for the good of the team and a common cause. Most of them were students who have made a great contribution to the practical implementation of this initiative.

A team of 12 people organized the platform, which welcomed its first speakers, the scientist Alisher Fayzullaev, choreographer Kodir Muminov, illusionist and showman Dmitriy Polyakov, photographer Ernest Kurtveliev, musician Sevara Mirsodikova, and entrepreneur Khilola Suleymanova.

One of the memorable performances was represented by the youngest participant - Sevara Mirsodikova. The second-year student at the Uspensky Republican Specialized Music Academic Lyceum always dreamed of becoming a musician, but she had seemingly insuperable barrier - congenital blindness. But, by her performance she convinced everyone that any dream is achievable, we need only make an effort.

“Each person in his or her life can face difficulties and limitations which, in his/her subjective opinion, put before him/her insuperable barriers in life. However, there is a ‘silver bullet’ that allows you to overcome them and allows for self-expression – it is creativity,” Sevara opines.

A renowned photographer Ernest Kurtveliev also shared his experience:

“We have a lot of wonderful things around us, yet sometimes it is in the details that we fail to notice. But as soon as we look at them with a different perspective, we have the changed beautiful world.”

TEDx also welcomed the artistic director - chief choreographer of the Uzbekistan State Song and Dance Ensemble, People’s Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Kodir Muminov. His speech was devoted to the national dances, and the idea was that, despite globalization and current trends, one should keep in mind the human spirit and strive to create.

“I am altruist, madly in love with volunteering, and everything connected with it. Besides, I am very active person, so, it is why I am here in the TEDx,” Dilfuza Kurolova told. “My task was to work with the speakers. The process is interesting, but at the same time very difficult. I believe that the ideas of our speakers in accordance with the TEDx slogan are “worthy of spreading.”

While the organizers will work on video recordings of the event, which then download on the Internet, anyone can suggest his or her idea or topic for presentation at the next TED conference on website.

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