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Glut of dolls: the number is enough, and the quality?

Puppet theaters have been experiencing a real peak of development in Uzbekistan for the last five years. Their amount continues to grow this year.

Over the past five years the number of professional theaters designed to meet children and youth audience requirements has been increased from 17 to 21. Such an impressive growth in the age when theater is going through hard times and significantly is behind in popularity from the Internet and television, provided by puppet theaters. After creation of these theatres in Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya regions there are no more regions in the country without own puppet theater.

- This segment of theatrical art is very mobile. Puppet theaters are not sitting and waiting for their audience, and themselves go to viewer. Such circumstances are ensured by easy work with children's audience, because it is organized, and creative team is enough to choose a kindergarten or school - art expert Dilafruz Kadirova says. - This factor attracts not only youth, but also experienced theatrical figures in this sphere.

However, in the recent years puppet theaters strengthen their position as stationary entertainment establishments. Currently material and technical base of theaters in Andijan and Khiva are completely updated. In particular, construction of a new building of the regional puppet theater in Andijan is completed. Unlike the former one, the new theater has a better location – it is located near one of the largest parks.

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Sports promises to start another large-scale construction - new building of the Republican Puppet Theatre this year.

- As far back as two years ago a large-scale reconstruction and a full refresh of material and technical base on the occasion of the anniversary of our theater was planned. However, this idea was abandoned and it was planned to move the theater to another part of the city where it is usually a large crowd of people. One of these days the place where the new building will be built will be announced, - the deputy director of the National Puppet Theatre Sunnat Pulatov said. - A massive increase in the number of visitors is expected after commissioning of the new building. Today Puppet Theatre is in demand more than ever – we need only to get closer to the viewer.

At the same time, theater critics point out that the problem with the quality of productions is still poorly solved against this background of dynamic development of professional puppet theaters. Most theaters have a static repertoire, modern technologies possibilities are used passively in productions. However, experts attribute this to the lack of adequate management.

Puppet theaters are only off to understand that dynamic update of repertoire and extensive use of special effects can significantly improve their financial situation.

However, in order to radically change the situation with repertoire, audience should be more demanding. Here, of course, children need help of their parents.

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