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Gifts for New Year

Correspondents of Uzbekistan Today have found out most affordable way of the original design of an apartment for the New Year, as well as the preparation of exclusive gifts to relatives and friends.

The surest way to impress others by creativity is handmade products. The Eastern Bazaar in the center of Art Tashkent Plaza Hotel and Master.Uzin Wyndham Tashkent Hotel will be held on December 6.There you will be ableto buy ready-made products and learn how to make the most amazing things on your own. By the way, it will be possible to devote the next 2 days to apply skills you wouldget, because they were announced as holidays in Uzbekistan.

Master classes on the art of painting on ceramics, glass processing, plaster figurines, technology of drawing on the water ‘Ebru’ and decoupagewill be heldas part of the Eastern Bazaar.

You can master on Master.Uzthe skills of art glass processing, art painting on ceramics, decoupage of interior products, origami and Ebru technology.

Certainly, these skills will help to make the holiday warmer and more magical!

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