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“Fishing for Predator” to be presented to Uzbekistan’s people

German writer Matthias Kugler with his novel "Fishing for Predator" published in 2015 will tour in cities of Uzbekistan.

The project will be implemented in the framework of the project of the Goethe Institute "Literary beacons. Author's residence with Matthias Kugler" in which people of Eastern Europe and Central Asia will be introduced to modern German prose by the example of works of this author.

The Kugler’s novel, as he said, is based on his personal emotions due to the death of his beloved grandfather. The work addresses such close to Uzbek people themes as respect and care for older generation.

In fact, the plot is absolutely not of our reality, as usual in Uzbek families parents are supported and cared by children until the end, and loneliness in old age – is an exception to the rule.

The novel shows a different life typical for European region and is an exception to their rules of life. The protagonist – is a grandson who takes his grandfather from nursing home and fulfills his dearest wish – to go to sea, take part in fishing for a predatory fish – pike.

And, nevertheless, the main theme of the work is equally clear in all countries. Relatives and friends must bear high responsibility for fate of older generation.

By the way, first presentations have already been held in Tashkent.

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