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Financial difficulties faced by unions of writers and composers are resolved

The Union of Writers and Composers of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan has a new source of funding.

The fund "Ijod " organized as part of the  Writer’s Union of Uzbekistan back in 2010, will now cover costs of the Union. Initially the fund was created with intentions of enriching people spiritually, educating youth in the spirit of national and universal values​​, creating the necessary conditions for the development of literature and supporting the creativity of writers and poets.

Before December of the last year, the Fund achieved its goals by providing material assistance to the older generation of writers, organizing of creative contests and providing material assistance in the publication of the first works by young writers, funding translations into foreign languages of ​​notable works by modern Uzbek writers and promoting them online. 

Presently,financial support to the Union of Writers and Composers of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan is among the main objectives of the fund “Ijod”.

Publishing and printing companies are the main sourse of the additional funding. They are contributing 1% of the proceeds received from the sale of printed materials, and 1% of the proceeds from providing editorial, printing and publiching services as well as 1% from sales of printed products. The fund is also benefiting from the revenues from renting of cottages and hotel rooms at the creative home " Durmen” and re-allocation of unused loose funds. The fund is also sponsored  by businesses and individuals.



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