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Feeling the Spirit of Great Composer

Continuing with the series ‘Abodes of outstanding figures’, the creative team of Uzbekistan Today is honored to introduce readers to the place where a great composer, musician and writer Yunus Rajabi lived and worked.

Not far from the Kosmonavtlar subway station in Tashkent, on the street bearing the name of the Honored Art Worker and People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Yunus Rajabi, a house is located where he lived and worked the last 20 years of his life. A monument to the singer-hafiz decorates the front of the House-Museum. In one hand the statue has a pen, indicating Rajabi as a writer and a man who collected and systematized more than thousand songs and melodies. Besides, he authored the five-volume Uzbek Folk Music and the six-volume Shashmaqom. And a nightingale sits on the second hand of the master embodying his glorious creations that the composer presented to the Uzbek people.

When entering the house one’s attention is drawn to the picture depicting the main landmarks of the four cities: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. It is in these cities that the composer spent most of his life. He was born in Tashkent, lived and taught for a long time in Samarkand, and frequently visited Bukhara and Khiva for performances.

The author of the picture, as well as the beautiful stained glass windows represented in almost each of the seven rooms, is the academician and People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Alisher Mirzayev. They depict the main characters of the musical dramas ‘Farhod and Shirin’, ‘Layli and Majnun’ and others. To the centenary of the composer, Alisher Mirzayev also presented a picture depicting Yunus Rajabi surrounded by musical geniuses of the Uzbek people, teachers, musical instruments and... his works of 12 volumes.

The composer’s room is located on the right, which keeps all the things in the same place when he was alive. The bed stands in the corner of the room, and a round table in the center has his glasses, pencils, music paper, dutor… Looking at it, one feels the inspiration and the ease with which Yunus Rajabi got transformed the heard melodies in musical notation. The room also has an old telephone, radio, and gramophone. There are also awards and prizes of the composer and the ensemble, bearing his name, as well as of his children and grandchildren.

Next exposition room was the kitchen in lifetime of the musician, so it is possible to see a lot of household items: dishes, pots, kettles, irons and many other wares. Here is the rostrum, and next to it a three-meter folding pointer, which is waiting for the fair hand of a mentor. In addition, there is a model of the house where Yunus Rajabi was born welcomed as the 16th child. He spent in this house most of his life. By the way, the genius himself had 12 children. One of his sons followed the footsteps of his father. Hasan Rajabi is the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan and director of the Memorial House Museum. It is thanks to him that the Museum is filled with the atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Without a doubt, the interest of visitors will be drawn to the collection of musical instruments, as Yunus Rajabi for many years collaborated with the master Usman Zufarov who created and modified such instruments as sator, tanbur and chang.

Places of honor in the house of the composer also were designed for pictures of his teachers: Khoja Abdulaziz Abdurasulov, Tuychi Hofiz Toshmuhamedov, Shorahim Shoumarov, the teacher Khalima Ibodova and other great artists of the early 20th century.  Yunus Rajabi himself had more than 300 students, who included Tamara Khanum, Khalima Nasirova, Kommuna Ismailova, Berta Davidova, Saodat Kabulova…

On the second floor of the museum visitors can enjoy the numerous awards Yunus Rajabi earned. There are more than 100 exhibits that can be viewed for hours, and the music that plays in every room boosts the spirit.

One can feel in the Museum the spirit of the wise, hard-working and talented composer and musician, touching the history of the huge descent of Rajabi, and enjoying his lyrical maqoms...

The creative team of Uzbekistan Today presents a column on memorial house museums of great personalities who lived in the capital of our country. Readers can not only feel the life of their favorite writers, artists and composers, but also learn about the interesting exhibits decorating those abodes.
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