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Extravagant friends of Ilkhom theatre

The most promising, exciting and attractive tour of the season.

 ARTiShOK  visiting Ilkhom - 16-20 February 2016. 

ARTiShOK  was created in 2001 as the first independent professional theater company in Kazakhstan. For several years " ARTiShOK " was recognized by critics as the most extravagant and shocking theater group in Kazakhstan.

The theatre actively participates in international festivals and creates new initiatives.

The most famous among the projects are "Theatrical Improvisation ", a festival of contemporary Kazakh drama "Theatre in Search of an Author ", an international annual festival ARTiShOK. The main concept of the theater is  "staging of theatrical art " and " theatricality of life." Within this framework, the theater produces its plays for stationary platforms, as well as working in the genre of "street theater ".

Physical theater ,miming, street interactive presentations, improvisation , these are the elements that made theater ARTiShOK recognised internationally.  They won Grand Pri at international theater festivals and competitions in Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

ARTiShOK successfully creates performances based on the works of the world and modern literature, develops and promotes contemporary art by initiating projects, that have become prominent cultural events in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Kazakh colleagues, visiting Ilkhom  this february are not less famous than the theater of Mark Weil.

Ilkhom  invited ARTiShOK with two plays, which will be performed in Tashkent from 16 to 20 February, 2016 .  

Loving Pushkin is not fashionable, because most prefer cinema to books. However, we need Pushkin, he has a great deal to teach us about humanity and relationships. if you miss the good literature - come February 16 and 17 to see Pushkin Stand up. Actress Veronica Nasalskaya will present a stage version of the novel Eugene Onegin. It’s a modern take on one of the great works of world literature, which continues to be relevant today. The new production of the extravagant and shocking theater group draws the viewer's attention to the fact that we no longer get involved in classical art. Now people looking for inspiration and enjoyment of such famous works as the great Alexander Pushkin's novel Eugene Onegin, seem ridiculous and naive. In the past not having read this work was considered to be shameful, and now it is awkward to even admit having read it.

February 19 and 20  yet another production by ARTiShOK will be performed at Ilkhom- the play Accompanist. The minimalist performance is based on  Nina Berberova play, written in 1934 on the basis of documentary and biographical research.

The events of the play take place in 1919 St. Petersburg after the revolution. A talented pianist, who is suffering from hunger and cold, enters the house of a wealthy opera singer. The play stars three women. The director of the performance is Anna Zinoviev. In her interpretation the play "Accompanist" turned tragic, emotional and extremely musical.

The plot - the tragic life story of a girl Sonya , raised by her single mother, a music teacher. She believes her own existence is a shame. After all, she was born out of wedlock. Her father - a former student of her mother. It’s 1919 and in order to survive, Sonia decides to take a desperate step and become the accompanist to the rich and famous opera singer Travin. Her life changes dramatically .

These plays are well known to the Almaty public  and now are made ​​available to us.



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