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Exhibition Visitors Become the Part of the Exciting Plots

Find oneself on the moon, or in the jaws of a shark, fly on a magic carpet, or feed the giraffe - all this can be done by visiting the exhibition of 3D images where the UT correspondents went.

The inhabitants of the capital and photographers have got a wonderful opportunity to become part of the exciting plots. Tashkent is hosting the exhibition of 3D images.

The images like wallpaper, printed on large format printer, fascinate and develop creative thinking. Because you can not just stand or sit, you must first experience and imagine the plot, to understand how to integrate into one or another shot.

“We got inspired by the idea after seeing a similar exhibition a couple of years ago in Thailand. We decided to do this kind of exhibition in our own country. We found partners in Russia, where similar trends gaining market and love of the audience,” the organizer and initiator of the exhibition, director of Prime Art, Dmitry Kim, says.

Indeed, this is a very exciting photo ride of interactive format. When you point a camera from a certain angle to the picture, a man becomes part of the revived plot. Therefore, it is important to take the proper position and make an appropriate facial expression - in short, to be creative and to show the acting skills. For example, if you in the jaws of a shark - you have to express a tragedy, not to display all 32 teeth. Otherwise, 3D images lose their meaning, because the main goal is to convey the most realistic atmosphere.

In total, the exhibition presents 32 images brought from Russia. Those include five types of images: located on one wall, two walls, occupying two walls and floor, floor images, and flip images. The theme is free, so every panel is original and will appeal to both grownups and children.

It is planned to update exhibit images on the regular basis with more exciting plots. The exhibition allows to start a new industry in the country, which needs to be developed: Uzbekistan has lots of talented artists with whom communication is supported for further cooperation.

The exhibition will not leave any indifferent and will give a lot of positive emotions. But there are a couple of tips for future visitors. Each image is unique and requires a different approach. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the clothes to visit the exhibition. As the exhibition has floor images, the organizers not allow to make photos in the shoes, so visitors will need to wear a shoe cover or be barefoot. So, visitors are recommended to come in socks or take clean extra shoes.
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