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Charmed with unusual melodies

In the framework of the educational program "Jazz improvisation as a form of self-expression", a creative evening was held in the hall of the Marc Weil Theater "Ilkhom". This time the invited guest was the amazing energy vocalist and drummer Hensley Poinen.

Coming from Quatre Born, which is in the Republic of Mauritius, Hensley Poinen has been knocking on the boxes all the time. Even then, he was sure that he would definitely become a musician. In recent years, the creative personality has settled in the capital of our republic, and more recently, he made himself known on the First Channel project "The Voice".

- I believe that music is something that must be shared with others. And not only because it makes people feel certain emotions, but also because it is a certain experience for the musician: the more the performer performs, the more experienced he becomes. - Hensley believes. - This is my first master class. However, my life credo is to teach drumming. So today there was a lot of talk about bits, about playing drums, how to keep wands, etc.

Hensley not only shared theoretical knowledge, but also confirmed all that was said in practice, more precisely on the drum set. In addition, he sang several songs in a foreign language, although he did not even sing a few years ago. On the question of whether the vocalist is going to sing in Russian and Uzbek, he replied that first he wants to learn Russian and competently speak on it, and after that he will gladden with pleasure his listeners.

- I hope that all the advice that I have shared with musicians, viewers and listeners today will be useful to them. And not because I understand music and I have experience, but because I really love music and I like to share it. I'm sure that after today's master class, the musicians will play better, and listeners will understand the jazz more deeply, Hensley Poinen said.

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