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Book about Amir Temur presented in Tashkent

Ruler of Khorasan and Maverannakhr, majestic ruler of Samarkand, who defeated Sultan Bayezid - Amir Temur was a great commander and statesman. His glory for centuries has not been fading in the pages of history. But how it all began? How he came to the throne – about this is the first novel by Oraz Abdurazakov called "Povelitel" (Ruler). The presentation of the book took place in the capital.

The novel covers the period from 1365 to 1370 - until the coronation of Amir Temur and his ascension to the throne of Samarkand. Many people know about the battles of Temur, his great conquests, but the story of how it all began, when Temur from Kesh could change the course of history is known to few. That is why the novel "Povelitel" is really actual. Speaking about the author, Oraz Abdurazakov – the graduate of the Faculty of Journalism of the National University of Uzbekistan and the London School of PR said.

- The idea to write a book about Amir Temur was born a long time ago. I wanted to describe this short period before his coming to the throne. When the anniversary of Amir Temur was celebrated in 1996, a lot of books and events were dedicated to him, and during that time I decided to write a cycle of books.

The literature written about Amir Temur which tells about the life of the commander directly describes the fighting, after ascending the throne. The novel is written in a complex rhythm poem, but it does not make it incomprehensible for ordinary readers, as many novels, written in a poetic genre. The story does not distort reality, it reflects the entire chronology of events of the selected period.

Oraz Abdurazakov plans to publish a series of works about Amir Temur. Meanwhile, the continuation of the fate of the great commander is just getting ready to be issued, book lovers and history enthusiasts can enjoy a novel about the beginnings of the great commander.
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