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Bahodir Yuldashev Delighted the Audience again

Bahodir Yuldashev and his students of the Diydor theater-studio have turned a famous musical play ‘Arshin Mal Alan’ (The Cloth Peddler) by Azerbaijani playwright Uzeyir Hajibeyov into a comic opera. The theatrical community is discussing the premiere.

Newly interpreted musical performance ‘Arshin Mal Alan’ has caused a storm of emotions in a small but very cozy theater. It was produced in the genre of experimental presentation-mystery play. Bahodir Yuldashev said that the performance was prepared within six months.

There was no empty seat in the hall, and the audience met the actors with warm applause.

“The performance was excellent. It made a fresh breath in an established academic production: it has a lot of improvisation and novelty characteristic for studio productions. Director’s innovative approach to triple the number of actors made the play a multifaceted,” says associate professor at the State Institute of Arts and Culture, Hamida Mahmudova. “Young, novice actors play perfectly. Spectators could watch the action of the entire cast, and at the same time to compare the performance of actors.”

“In training actor’s speech, we came to the new method, and in fact returned to a system of Stanislavsky, who attached great importance to the tempo and rhythm of speech, saying: “Rhythm is life,” noted out the Diydor studio teacher Viktor Ratushin. “The whole spectacle with its polyphony is based on an organic rhythm: the actors do not stand in one place, they move all the time: jumping and dancing to the accompaniment of piano and rhythmic drumming. Many months of rehearsing is given its result: every student, according to this method, managed to master vocal skills and sing better than professionals.”

“Very bright performance, in which the actors do not play but live the action together with the audience. Not only professionals, but students and all theater fans should watch this play,” said the rector of the Institute of Arts and Culture, Bakhtiyor Sayfullaev.

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