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Azariy Plisetskiy is working on the premiere at the Alisher Navoi Theater

The State Academic Grand Theater of Uzbekistan on October 28 will host the premiere of Arif Melikov’s ballet "Poem of Two Hearts" on the work of Sharaf Rashidov. Azariy Plisetskiy, a talented choreographer and teacher, brother of the legendary ballerina Maya Plisetskaya was invited to work on the performance.

For several days now he has been working with artists involved in the new production. In addition, Azariy Mikhailovich gives lessons for the theater troupe every day, and also managed to hold a master class for young teachers of the Tashkent Higher School of National Dance and Choreography, writes.

According to Plisetskiy, he is very happy that he finally got to Tashkent and is glad that he can help the troupe of the Grand Theater of Uzbekistan. Plisetskiy also added that he was personally acquainted with Igor Chernyshev, the choreographer of the Poem of Two Hearts, which was demonstrated for the first time on the Tashkent stage in 1982.

In his opinion, the choreography of the performance does not require any innovations, since it was made by a talented person and was able to survive the times. It is still interesting and relevant to this day.

"The fact that I was invited is very honorable and unexpected, because I knew the ballet, but you did not see it, and it was a task to restore it, give it an international class. This is a difficult task, I have now directed all my efforts to improve the quality of performance. It seems to me, maybe it's my illusion that we have already achieved something," the choreographer shared his impressions.

The most important thing in this business, as Plisetskiy noted, is that the troupe quickly grasps everything, understands what exactly it requires of them.

He also noted that the legendary school of the ballet Bejar, in which he has been teaching for many years, could later establish contacts with the Grand Theater of Uzbekistan. And one day a troupe of Bejar can even come to Tashkent ...

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