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A New Art Gallery Opened in Tashkent

Zero Line is the name of the new Art Gallery opened in the capital. New opportunities and prospects for the contemporary art of the country appeared with opening of this gallery.

There is no such exhibition area with a similar level of technical equipment on the territory of Central Asia. The gallery is furnished in a modern style. A small platform provides wireless network, and projectors with retractable screens. The design allows to turn the show rooms into two spaces to conduct small conferences and presentations.

The new gallery today is hosting the first exhibition ‘Painting as the Time Image.’ All 60 masterpieces presented in the exhibition are from private collections. Most of them belong to Izabella Sobirova, the founder of the gallery.

The exhibition presents the works of easel paintings, drawings and sculptures created by artists of Uzbekistan in the 20th century. Those include ‘Still Life with Sunflowers’, ‘Mountain Landscape’, ‘Autumn. Oq-Tosh’ by Rahim Ahmedov; ‘Ibragim’, ‘Waiting for the Flowers’, ‘On the Hills of So’qoq in Summer’, ‘Iris’, ‘Brushes and Paints’ by Yevgeny Melnikov; ‘Days of Eclipse’, ‘Angel’ ‘Turfan’ series, ‘Workshop’ by Medat Kagarov. The exhibition also displays the unique paintings created in the middle of the last century by Nikolai Karakhan, Gennady Moiseev, Alexander Perov, and Victor Ufimtsev, as well as sculptures by Igor Chernoglazov, Albert Ovsepyan, and Nikolai Karlykhanov.
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