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80th Anniversary of Batyr Zakirov to be celebrated by an auction

The Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and the Fund named after Batyr Zakirov are organizing an unusual auction.

They announced a competition that will take place during Batyr Zakirov’s anniversary under the title: “Paint me a song”. These paintings will be auctioned. 

Professional artists as well as students are eligible to take part in the competition. “Paint me a song” is based on a huge creative concept. The paintings are expected to not merely illustrate the lyrics of the songs, but to also bring these songs to live, reflecting the very essence of the song. The participants of the competition have the freedom to express themselves in any style.

However, organizers hinted that focusing on romantic themes will increase the chance of winning.

The Commission will select 100 paintings by the 20th of March of this year and exhibit them in one of the halls of the Academy of Arts for 3-5 days. During the exhibition period, a competent jury will reveal 12 paintings which will be autioned. Out of these 12, only three will get the winning prizes. The names of all winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony at the final stage of the competition.

The headquarters of the contest is located in Tashkent House of Photography. “Join the competition and good luck,” say the organizers. Results will be announced by April 1st, 2016.

An auction of the 12 paintings will be held anda calendar with the 12 reproductions of paintings by the finalists will be published. 


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