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10 reasons to go to the library, or why Tashkent became the reading city of the country?

The answer is more than prosaic and simple. Our capital is the storage of the absolute majority of book collections, the center for second-hand shops and a great place for book lovers.

The opening of the National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi influenced our reading culture.

Today, the number of users of the library increased by 30 % and exceeds 125 thousand people. Who said that in the age of information technology libraries are not competitive? 

Regarding libraries as outdated is an excuse often employed by those working at the Information Centers, who don’t take their work seriously. They think that the readers will come, when they need to. But the experience of the National library shows that a lot can be done to attract visitors to the library.

Readers are interested in new publications and the ability to access electronic materials.Libraries often complain that "If we had been updated like the National Library we would be more competitive." Yes, the National Library has more resources: in the past year alone the fund increased from 6.9 million copies to 7.1 million copies of books, including electronic publications. However, it is also important to have good customer service, which is not up to standards in most information centers.

The National Library is working with the reading public through the official website and not many other libraries have a website. The official website of the library conducts surveys, it is interactive with the users in social networks, with the purpose of identifying which publications are in demand.

Customers can order books online and have access to book reviews. Information and communication technologies are useful to maintain interest in the library collections. For example, the official website publishes " Anniversaries"- a list of books that hit a round date from the moment of writing or first edition.

Readers can check availability of a book online in advance. In addition provides information on the dissertations defended in the country and other academic publications are also available.

Active use of the website allows tracking the number of visitors, in 2015, the website was viewed 137,000 times.  Books should remain a center of cultural life of the city. That is why, the National Library organizes multiple cultural events.

In 2014 the library held 246 different events, then in 2015 the number increased to 329. The library hosts exhibitions of new literature, thematic exhibitions of literature, celebrates significant dates, organizes art exhibitions of paintings and works of applied art, meetings of poets, writers and actors,and other socio-cultural events, which are attended by experts from various institutions and organizations. These events serve marketing purposes. As a rule, those who come to the event, take an interest in the "content" of the library, and vice versa - those who come to borrow a book are able to participate in the event.




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