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Volume of production of JSC "O'zbekengilsanoat" exceeds 2.7 trillion soums

Over the years of independence, the light industry of the Republic has drawn some $2.5 billion, more than 200 major investment projects have been implemented. Enterprises operating within the structure of "O'zbekyengilsanoat" produced industrial goods worth over 31 trillion soums, consumer goods – more than 13 trillion soums.

Over the past 9 months of current year, the volume of production increased by 18.5 percent, consumer goods – by 23 percent, according to the website of the Ministry of Economy.

Today the structure of "O'zbekengilsanoat"includes more than 380 textile, garment and knitting factories, as well as those specialized in the production of silk products. Nearly 360 of them are small business and private entrepreneurship entities.

- The export of manufactured products is one of the main factors for development, - Deputy head of Department at JSC "O'zbekengilsanoat" Avaz Mukhitdinov said. – The export of our enterprises currently covers more than 60 countries.

Over the last three-quarters of this year, the volume of production has exceeded 2.7 trillion soums, consumer goods – 1.2 trillion soums. The production of yarn and fabrics, non-woven, silk fabrics has increased.

Modernization, technical and technological renovation of production, covering more and more countries with “made in Uzbekistan” products, enhancing international cooperation and attracting foreign partners to implement innovative projects, those are the priority tasks of today. All these make it possible to raise the light industry of our country to a qualitatively new level.

Numerous reforms are underway in our country today, aimed at ensuring qualitative changes. In particular, foreign and joint enterprises equipped with modern technologies are being organized on the basis of idle spinning mills. Many enterprises have undergone modernization, which allows them to produce competitive production on the world standards. Benefits and preferences contribute to the improvement of activity of the industry.

The launch of dyed yarn production at "Asaka textile production", the fourth stage of the yarn production at JV "Indorama Kokand textile", production of socks at "Jizzax grant textile", all of those can be a vivid demonstration of the above-mentioned reforms. Work has been completed on the modernization of "Uztex Toshkent" and "Humo Tukimachi".

Particular attention in the industry is paid to the production of sports products. To date, 57 enterprises engaged in this direction produce some 60 kinds of sports products.

The attraction of foreign investments, organization of new joint ventures and expansion of existing capacity enable the development of domestic light industry. For the expired period of this year, the sector has drawn $153.7 million. This resulted in the implementation of 25 investment projects and creation of some 2 thousand new jobs.
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