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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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Uzbekistan intends to increase honey production

The Association "Uzbekiston Asalarichilari" was established and the Program of measures on complex development of the beekeeping industry for the period

2017-2021 was approved. An increase in the production of honey products is expected from 15,4 thousand tons in 2017 to 23,7 thousand tons by 2021.

This follows from the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures for the further development of the beekeeping industry in the Republic".

The main tasks of the Association "Uzbekiston Asalarichilari" are: system organization of technological processes for the production of honey products, growing bee bags and strengthening the forage base, rational use of natural resources, as well as the introduction of scientifically based methods and modern technologies in the process of honey production.

To coordinate the activities of beekeeping organizations in the field, the Association system includes 13 permanent representatives.

The resolution provides for the Association to join the International Federation of Beekeeping Associations "Apimondia".

In addition, the decree entrusts proposals for the establishment, starting from
2018-2019 academic year, at Zootechnical Faculty of the Ferghana State University for the training of personnel with higher education in the field of beekeeping.

The resolution also provides for the establishment of a leasing company under the name of Aloqabank in the form of a limited liability company, which is tasked with the delivery of beehives, the necessary equipment and tools at the expense of commercial banks and the leasing company's own funds, the supply of equipment, equipment, special vehicles and trailers used in the field of beekeeping, as well as technological lines for packaging honey.

The decree provides for the provision of honey to beekeepers on a gratuitous basis for the use of forest fund lands, protected natural areas (except for State Reserves, protected areas of biosphere reserves), mountain and foothill areas, natural pastures, and agricultural lands during the honey collection period.

In order to provide financial support to the organizations that are members of the Association "Uzbekiston Asalarichilari", they are granted a relief in the form of release until January 1, 2023 from payment of customs fees (except for customs fees) for imported pedigree materials (products), equipment and equipment used in beekeeping , special equipment and trailers carrying bee hives, veterinary drugs used against diseases and pests of bees, the necessary wood materials for the production of bee hives, polyurethane foam and its moglitelnye parts, wax and wax products.
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