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Uzbekistan has laid the foundation for the introduction of the concept of "smart farm"

Four agricultural weather stations are set in the Tashkent region on October 27 as part of a joint project of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the UNDP "Business Forum of Uzbekistan (Phase-III)." They will cover 800 dekhkan farms and an area of more than 10 thousand hectares.

Meteorological stations are located in Yangiyul, Urta-Chirchik, Parkent and Tashkent districts, covering more than 10 thousand hectares.

Each meteorological station is equipped with sensors that predict the amount of precipitation, air and soil temperature, air humidity, soil and leaf humidity, wind speed and direction, and others. On the basis of these data, the risk of diseases and pests is calculated, the dates of preventive treatment by means of protection, as well as the time and intensity of irrigation.

The consulting company will carry out the analysis of weather data and regularly send recommendations to gardeners on the mobile phone regarding agricultural practices for combating diseases and pests for seven types of fruit crops.

"Timely and competent implementation of agrotechnical measures will allow rational use of natural, energy and human resources," UNDP said. "Reducing costs will decrease prime cost of growing agricultural crops, increase profits and reduce the cost of finished products."

In addition to regular consulting support, farmers and dekhkan farms can take part in training in horticulture training and get pocket cards about diseases, pests and ways to protect pome, stone fruit crops and grapes.

The successful experience of the pilot project will become the basis for its application in the whole territory of Uzbekistan. Thus, the foundation will be laid for the introduction of the concept of "smart farm" and full automation of the management process.

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