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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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The largest chemical plant in Uzbekistan will increase production

JSC "Navoiazot" plans to reduce the cost of polyvinyl chloride due to effective use

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a colorless transparent plastic, characterized by chemical resistance to alkalis, mineral oils, many acids and solvents, used in the production of a wide range of household and industrial products.

In 2018, JSC "Navoiazot" intends to produce 40.8 thousand tons of polyvinyl chloride with a localization level of 90%. As follows from the Program for localization of production of finished products, components and materials for 2017-2019, in 2019 the volume of PVC produced will increase to 90 thousand tons, and the level of localization - up to 100%.

Future products will reduce the benefits provided by the state. Within the framework of the current legislation, enterprises included in the Localization Program are exempted from the payment of customs duties (except for customs clearance fees) for imported technological equipment and spare parts to it, as well as components not produced in Republic, used in the technological process in the production of localized products.

They are also exempt from income tax, a single tax payment (for entities applying the simplified taxation system) in the part of products produced under localization projects; Tax on property in part of the basic production assets used to produce localized products.

The investment project, as follows from the Program of Measures to Ensure Structural Transformation, Modernization and Diversification of Production for 2015-2019, provides for the construction in 2015-2018 of a production capacity of 100,000 tons of PVC, 71,800 tons of caustic soda and 295,400 tons of caustic soda Tons of methanol per year.

The total cost of the new production is $ 501.1 million, including $ 373.8 million from the Chinese Eximbank, $ 50.2 million from domestic commercial banks,
$ 66 million from the Reconstruction and Development Fund of Uzbekistan,
$ 11.2 million from “Uzkimyosanoat”.

The general contractor for the construction of the technological part of the turnkey complex was the Chinese CAMC Engineering.
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