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The development of E-commerce will be accelerated

May 14, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree "On measures for the accelerated development of E-commerce."

The resolution was adopted to create favorable conditions for the development of E-commerce in the country, the introduction of modern mechanisms and procedures for the sale of goods (services) through the Internet, to increase the volume and expand the geography of exports of domestic businesses.

Thus, it is determined that electronic checks, receipts, messages and other methods that allow to identify parties to a transaction formed by information systems during the provision of services by participants in electronic commerce, executed in accordance with the law, are equal to receipts, coupons, tickets and other documents confirming payment goods (services).

In addition, in the implementation of E-commerce transactions by business entities, payment can be made in cash with mandatory sending to the buyer through virtual terminals (E-POS) of an electronic check or other confirming document on acceptance of payment in cash with strict observance of the rules for the collection of funds in servicing banks.

Subjects of electronic commerce in the conduct of trade have the right to accept payments through corporate bank cards of business entities using payment terminals, as well as electronic payment systems.

Export of goods (services) worth up to three thousand US dollars, realized through electronic commerce, is carried out without entering information into the Unified Electronic Information System of Foreign Trade Operations and clearance of cargo customs declaration, in accordance with the rules for the provision of postal services.

Since July 1, 2018, business entities providing services for the delivery of goods sold through electronic commerce are granted the right to accept payment for third parties (sellers of goods), followed by collection in the prescribed manner. Also, the requirement for a mandatory 15% prepayment from the total value of goods (services) sold through E-commerce is canceled.
When delivering goods sold through e-commerce, the seller and the supplier of vehicles owned by them on the basis of ownership, lease or other right to use, the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan does not require a license to carry out urban, suburban, intercity and international transportation of passengers and goods by road transport.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade, together with the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, was entrusted with the talks with the leading foreign trading platforms (eBay, Amazon, etc.) and payment systems (Paypal) within a month, and after their results, to make specific proposals to the staff of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to create opportunities for domestic business entities to sell goods (services) and conduct international settlements using these sites and systems.
Until July 1, 2018, the National Register of Electronic Commerce Subjects will be created. The decree also approved the Program for the development of
E-commerce in Uzbekistan for 2018-2021.
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