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The agrarian complex develops clusters: from harvest to finished products

Today the dried fruits and vegetables of Global Invest Import under the brand Premium Agro Product are exported to Turkey, Austria, Germany, Belgium and others.

In the future, on the basis of "Global Invest Import" will be created clusters, covering all production processes: from growing crops to exporting finished products. The enterprise has already allocated 250 hectares of irrigated land in the Tashkent region, where the first harvest is expected in March of this year.

- Dried greens, paprika, garlic are very popular in European countries, - the head of the limited liability company Nematullo Hasanov shares. - So we decided to start from these cultures. Soon we will grow vegetables. The plans are to create orchards. This practice will significantly affect both the quality of products and the reduction in the cost of goods. In the agricultural sector there are still many unreached areas, and the conditions and privileges only encourage further expansion of activities.

Until March of this year, the company will launch a universal refrigerant complex with a volume of three thousand tons, including cooling, calibration and packaging shops, storage rooms for fruits, vegetables, freezers, special systems for cooling greenery, cherries and black cherries. Modern refrigerators will save valuable properties and flavoring qualities of products from six months to one and a half years, unlike other cameras that guarantee only three months of storage.

"Proper freezing of vegetables is a guarantee of preserving useful microelements and vitamins in the product," notes Nematullo Husanovich. - In addition, for such a technology the future, to which we are focusing. At the third stage of the project, we will purchase and install a modern line for the "shock freezing" of all types of crops. Frozen products are particularly in demand in China, Japan and other countries. We could supply them with cherries, cherries, strawberries, melons, apricots, peaches and much more.

The company has already secured itself an annual order for the current year, signing export contracts for one million dollars.

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