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Textile workers have mastered the production of new types of products

Since the beginning of the year, light industry enterprises have mastered the production of 14 new types of products using synthetic raw materials and materials (mixed yarn and fabrics, non-woven materials, garments).

It is also reported that the work on the production of lingerie for innovative design, taking into account the comfortable wearing was started at “Golden Orchid” LLC, located in Tashkent, as well as the production of comfortable and soft negligees from bamboo yarn at “Boston Knitwear” LLC located in Namangan region.

So the fans of the peignoir of bamboo yarn will have to go after them to the valley, if they do not get a ride to the capital.

For men who have to carry these women of fashion on the car, there is also
pleasant news: the "Auto Textile Group" company produces car seat covers for cars, and the annual capacity is only 72 thousand pieces. It will not be enough!

However, “Euro Prom Leader” LLC produces non-woven fabric filters for technical purposes with a capacity of 72,000 pieces.

Fans of mini-football should be pleased with the news that the "Shahboz Carpet Textile" LLC has mastered the production of synthetic lawns for stowage on football fields. Here, too, was not impressed with the annual capacity, it is
2800 square meters. Please, expand!

In addition, the production of nitrone fibers at “Nus-Man Number One Production” LLC (1,200 tons per year) and nitrone yarn at “Parda Feruza Gilam” (1,800 tons per year), synthetic fiber at "Abdusamat Koreane Textile" LLC
(100 tons per year) and polyester fiber at "Reprocessing Uz" JV LLC (4 000 tons per year).

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