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Tashkent hosts VIII Forum of economists

On November 16, the Institute of Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research under the Cabinet of Ministers hosted the VIII Forum of economists on the topic: "Improvement of measures and mechanisms to strengthen macroeconomic stability, sustainable development and competitiveness of the national economy".

The main objectives of the Forum were to discuss economic issues and knowledge sharing on the development of science-based measures and mechanisms that create conditions for maintaining macroeconomic stability, deepening structural reforms and increasing competitiveness of the economy, the growth of human development and living standards, the implementation of strategic programs for the integrated development of territories.

The participants discussed a number of important issues related to innovative development of economy and improvement of the investment climate, as well as external and internal factors, risks affecting the competitiveness of the economy.

The forum aims at promoting the active research conduct by bringing the intellectual potential of scientists and economists to solving topical issues of the applied economic science. Moreover, it assists in identifying and supporting talented young economists, including young scientists seeking to realize their creative potential.

At the plenary and breakout sessions thematic discussion of scientific reports of the leading scientists in the field of economics, economists, practitioners, trainees, researchers and undergraduates on topical issues of improving the competitiveness of the national economy in terms of globalization and the analysis of other economic issues were conducted.

Following issues were discussed at the Forum breakout sessions:

-Improvement measures and mechanisms to enhance macroeconomic stability in the transition to resource-saving model of inclusive economic growth, mobilization of financial resources and investment;

- Deepening structural reforms in the economy and expansion of competitive advantage of industries by strengthening the economy based on resource and innovation factors;

- Further improvement of the quality of human capital and living standards, ensuring advanced development of private entrepreneurship and small business;

- Scientific-practical and methodological approaches in the development of strategic directions and programs for the integrated development of the territories.

More than 200 scientists and specialists from research institutions, universities of the country participated in the forum. It brought together representatives of the legislative bodies, specialists of relevant ministries and departments, leading economists, scientists, young researchers and others.

Following the discussions held within the sections and the plenary session, the proposals and recommendations on the modernization and improvement of competitiveness of the national economy in the medium and long term were worked out.
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