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Stuffed with Domestic Components

Localization of production is currently turning into the main trend of industrial development in the CIS space. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan embarked on this policy yet in the early 1990s, staking on its own products. It has paved the way for the establishment of up-to-date manufactures of a broad range of consumer goods and components.

The program of localization is certainly not a remedy for the real economy development, but an important component for its upgrade and technological extension. As experts stress, it is important ‘not to be carried away with playing’. Many countries that have introduced protecting measures for domestic producers, ultimately destroyed competition and discouraged the progressive development of the industry. When a company has no competitors in the market, it has no need to seek for reducing costs and improving production. It will just release large volumes of goods, and the population, deprived of alternatives, will have to purchase them even of not good quality.

Uzbekistan chose a different way. The country applied a different economic mechanism, by engaging investors in the establishment of joint ventures, bringing their technologies and experience. Thereby, Uzbekistan ensured mutual benefits - foreign investors entered a new market, made profit, and the country received up-to-date manufactures that produce high-quality and relatively cheap products, new jobs, and the budget was supplied with additional tax payments.

Earlier this week, the government of Uzbekistan has approved 18 new projects on localization of production at 15 enterprises. Experts expect that they will catalyze the further expansion of localization of production of modern competitive finished products and components on the basis of local raw materials, making cross-sector industrial cooperation more effective, including cooperation between small businesses and large enterprises, and create new jobs.

It is noteworthy that most of the projects are aimed at the production of the components that domestic enterprises currently import from abroad. This suggests not just the will of the government and manufacturers to produce certain products, but also the demand from the businesses that trust its quality. For example, Polaris Technologies has initiated the production of components for refrigerators and freezers, and Thermo Water Electric - parts for household appliances.

An interesting project will be implemented in Namangan region. The Musaffo Polimer company is planning to establish the production of shower enclosures. 4,900 shower enclosures will be produced next year.

The Tozalik Malikasi company intends to occupy an important place in the industrial map of the country among the projects on industrial production. By the end of 2017, the company will bring the production of various detergents to 270 tons per year. 

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