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Streamlining Power Supply

In Jizzakh region, systemic efforts are undertaken to uplift the living conditions of the population, and the works include in particular the proper organization of public utility services.

This can be seen on the example of work carried out in the Gallaaral district to ensure the uninterrupted supply of the population with electricity, and thorough preparation for the autumn-winter season.

“Over the past two years, there have been a lot of positive changes in our village,” says labor veteran of Mukiri village, Mavlon Turdiev. “In particular, the power supply has noticeably improved. Previously, electricity was often lost. When enquired in the electric grid company about the reasons, we were told that there were limits, and all the villages were disconnected from the supply one by one. And the objections and claims of people about why they have to pay for electricity, which is not there, became commonplace. And here came the days when the power is practically uninterrupted, people began to pay for the consumed electricity in a timely manner.

Such positive changes are directly related to the activities of the Gallaaral district branch of the joint-stock company “Jizzakh hududiy elektr tarmoqlari korxonasi”. The branch, which employs about 80 specialists, is responsible for the uninterrupted supply of electricity to about 25 thousand households, as well as enterprises and organizations in the district.
“Frankly speaking, instead of fulfilling our main duties, we used to be forced to walk around mahallas and homes and collect debts from the population,” says Uktam Berdikulov, the chief engineer of the branch. “There were a lot of problems at stations and transformers, as well as electricity transmission networks, which did not undergo preventive inspection and repair. Now, the issues of payments are handled by employees of the enforcement bureau. At the same time, the order of maintenance of distribution points of electricity and power lines, as well as work with consumers, has changed dramatically. As a result, the number of complaints from the public has sharply decreased.”

The team, relying on the assistance of the regional enterprise of electric grids and their own capacities, have made thorough preparations for the autumn-winter season. In particular, 29 transformer points were overhauled, spare materials and spare parts were purchased for more than 21 million soums. More than 60 km of low-voltage air networks, as well as more than 61 km of power lines have undergone overhaul.
Special attention is paid to the reserve of equipment and materials necessary for replacement in the winter season. So, there is already a supply of transformer oil needed. In order to meet and see off the season without loss and uninterrupted supply of power to consumers, a rapid response team composed of specialists and electricians of the enterprise has been set up.

In preparation for the autumn-winter season, special attention is also paid to the elimination of cases of illegal connection to the network, the use of untested, non-standard electrical appliances. To this end, among the population, there are conversations and special raids aimed at strict adherence to regulations on energy consumption.
To be sure, there are still villages in which there are pillars with expired service life, as a result of which the wires break in strong winds. This suggests that the work carried out in the system for technical and technological modernization does not fully meet the requirements of consumers. Therefore, despite the efforts of the team, there is still no guarantee that during the winter days the power lines will work without interruption.

“If we evaluate our work on the basis of modern criteria, it becomes obvious that our material and technical base is still far from the required level,” says branch manager Oybek Sultonov. “Compared with the growth rate in the number of consumers, the pace of modernization of the power supply system is rather low. To date, we have only one Damas car to service the area. We need a truck crane to work on high power lines, as well as special technical transport. Now we are forced, if necessary, to use similar equipment from other organizations. It is also necessary to install modern transformers, distribution and service systems.”
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