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School of Recruiting in Tashkent. How to become a recruiter?

In a rapidly changing business environment, growing competition in the markets and the race for professionals, the question of qualified personell becomes a priority for all.

The issue does not arise just because of the flaws in the system of education, but rather due to the current HR situation.

No "smart business" can operate without a competent recruitment manager.

In response to the demand for competent recruiters, headhunters and HR-managers, a unique solution was offered. The first ever School of Recruitment opened in Tashkent today.

To learn more about this absolutely new for our country format, we interviewed the creator of the project, a consultant with 10 years experience in search and selection of staff, a representative of the international company Pedersen& Partners in Uzbekistan and the Managing Partner of DaVinci Solutions, Hilola Suleymanova.

-The fight for talent and valuable personnel becomes more relevant than ever for companies and organizations in Uzbekistan. The growth of the country and domestic economy creates a need for finding and hiring qualified professionals. Professional recruitment process is quite a difficult task for any company, - said the Head of the School of Recruiting.

-The profession of a recruiter is new to our country. The first experts arrived on the market not more than 10 years ago. In general, recruiters, working today, were trained by international companies or self-taught. I think it is obvious, that the issue of the lack of specialists in the field of recruitment and staff management is pertinent.

The goal of our school is to train young specialists to search and select personnel. Our innovative program is based on the international practice of recruiting and consists of six modules.

According to the expert, leading professionals in the field of HR and recruitment from international companies will share their valuable experience and knowledge on effective recruitment, during the course. In particular, they will elaborate on aspects such as: the process of recruiting, strategies and techniques, evaluation of candidates, interviewing techniques, recruiting in business management systems and the foundations of headhunting. During the six days of intensive training, students will be able to meet with HR-directors of large companies, who will share their secrets of recruiting, adapted to local conditions.

The training takes place in an interactive manner, with the analysis of real-world business case studies and practical exercises. The School of Recruitment takes place at one of the most advanced institutions of higher learning in Tashkent – Inha University.

In the future, the School of Recruitment will be open for applicants every two months. The training program will include master classes by foreign experts and leading professionals in Uzbekistan.

The School of Recruitment is of particular interest to young professionals, who are planning a career in management or business management.

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