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Results of exchange trades: manufacturing enterprises for 2017 received an additional income of more than 3.7 trillion soums

At the end of 2017, the volume of transactions of highly liquid products amounted to 9,461.1 billion soums, with an increase of 18.5% compared to 2016.

The share of highly liquid products, raw materials and materials, in the total volume of transactions on the exchange trades amounted to - 83.3%.

Taking into account the formation of real market prices at the auctions, manufacturing enterprises for 2017 received an additional income amounting to
3 758.2 billion soums.

Of the 21 items of highly liquid products sold at the exchange auctions in 2017 for consumption within the country, the volume of natural sales in relation to 2016 has been increased by 13 positions, including motor gasoline by 3.6%, diesel fuel by 6,9%, polypropylene - 3.1 times, secondary aluminum - 23.6%, copper products - 10.1%, zinc metal - 3.2 times, mineral fertilizers - 37.7%, cottonseed cake - by 13.1%, cottonseed husk - by 4.4%, wheat forage - 3.0 times, wheat flour - by 5.0%, butter - by 3.7%, sugar - by 97.5% .
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